Technical documentation on space missions / sensors
Editing of generic description of missions and instruments by using the SensorML language to support Calibration / Validation activities performed by the CEOS group.

This document gives a method to describe instruments and platforms in the framework of calibration / validation (CalVal) activities. This project has been performed on behalf the European Space Agency under an ESRIN contract with the company Brockmann Consult, which has subcontracted this work package to VisioTerra.

In a first phase, the instruments to be considered are optical instruments: ALOS / AVNIR-2, ALOS / PRISM, AQUA / MODIS, BIRD / WAOSS-B-MIR-TIR, ENVISAT / AATSR, ENVISAT / MERIS, ERS-1 / ATSR-1, ERS-2 / ATSR-2, LANDSAT-4/5 / TM, LANDSAT-7 / ETM+, PROBA-1 / CHRIS, SeaStar / SeaWIFS, SPOT-1/2/3 / HRV1/2, SPOT-4 / HRVIR1/2, SPOT-4/5 / VGT, SPOT-5 / HRG1/2, TERRA / ASTER, TERRA / MODIS.

As shown in Fig.1, these instruments are analysed in the project document. The SensorML (endorsed by OGC) is used to describe the various instruments.

These descriptions are stored in various XML files (see Fig.2). A "CalVal SensorML Handbook" is released (see here below) to help users write their own instrument description.
Below are some extracts of the project:
Spacemaps production
Software development
Scientific consulting

VisioTerra is member of the Copernicus Academy