VisioTerra’s speciality is “Scientific consulting for Earth Observation" (EO) and includes a wide range of training sessions managed by experts directly involved in service activities for the industry.

VisioTerra manages international EO projects, work with spatial agencies, oil & gas companies, governments, NGOs and defense agencies. The company delivers surveys and in-depth analysis, edits specialized handbooks dealing with EO techniques / instruments / missions / products. It also develops software tools using virtual globes technology such as Google Earth or World Wind, and performs quality assessments...

The expertise of VisioTerra's engineers is recognized by universities, institutes, museums and companies where they give regular courses, conferences, training sessions or organize animations during scientific events. VisioTerra works with specialists from related professional fields such as geology, hydrology, hydrogeology, environment, GIS management, photogrammetry, radar techniques, interferometry, Lidar... Those experts have often participated to trainings organized by VisioTerra.

When computers are available, practice training are delivered using data and free softwares provided by VisioTerra. Course supports, documentation and sample data are then given to the trainees.

This includes :

Data acquisition and processing 

  • Physics of the radiations
  • Missions and instruments
  • Data representation and formats
  • Distribution and statistics
  • Pseudo-color and Color composition
  • Histogram transforms
  • Image filtering
  • Geometric transforms
  • Introduction to geodesy
  • Spatial mechanics
  • Virtual globes
  • Introduction to GIS



Image Interpretation for Oil Exploration

  • Optical and Radar images interpretation
  • Computer assisted analysis
  • Stratigraphic analysis
  • Tectonic analysis
  • Geological mapping in GIS
  • Geologic anomalies




Image fusion

  • Images – Distributions and stati Missions and instruments-Acquisition geometry
  • Scale and resolution
  •  Available satellite data
  •  Image matching – Use cases
  • Geometric registration
  • Radiometric registration
  • Synthesis of image products
  •  Fusion techniques



Radar physics and processing

  • Acquisition physics
  • Preprocessing levels
  • Available radar data
  • Geometric processing
  • Radiometric processing
  • Polarimetry data
  • Multi-scene processing – Interferometry, coherence maps, mosaicking..





Digital Elevation Models

  • Definitions and representation of DEMs
  • Available altimetric data
  • Assessment of data quality
  • Vertical referencing
  • Applications of DEMs
  • Introduction to geomorphometry
  • Available softwares for the display and processing of DEMs




Management of geomatics projects

  • User requirement capture
  • Answering invitations to tenders
  • Quality assurance
  • Configuration management




Spacemaps production
Software development
Scientific consulting

VisioTerra is member of the Copernicus Academy