Sentinel over monitored areas to get space data
Vt AOIWatcher gives users an easy access to a list of automatically updated and processed images acquired over “monitored areas”.

When using Vt AOIWatcher, users have to specify the attributes of each monitored area by setting: 

  • The “area of interest” (AOI),the desired “acquisition period” from a specific date or in Near Real-Time
  • The type of images that would be useful through the the setting of the “mission / instrument / mode(s)” (MIM),
  • How the images should be processed through a “processing sequence”
  • The expected “minimum overlay” between the candidate images and the AOI.

Once the attributes of a monitored area have been set, Vt AOIWatcher will look for existing data defined by the monitored area acting as a request and will regularly check if new images fit in the criteria (see fig. 1). Every image found is then imported in the “local archive”, processed according to the user’s requirements, prepared for efficient visualisation and the output products are stored in dedicated directories.

When Vt AOIWatcher’s users wish to access the processed data on a monitored area, it is ready and available for download using local network, hence, it is independant of the data provider’s server state and bandwidth.

Vt AOIWatcher is installed on a machine used as a server. All the functionnalities described in the user's manual are accessible from this interface (see Fig. 2) available using a recent Web-browser (such as Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox…) at the address http://visioterra.org/VTAOIWatcher/. -

Fig.1 - Global view of VTAOIWatcher mechanism
Fig. 2 - Main window of VTAOIWatcher client.
  • VTAOIWatcher Booklet
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  • VTAOIWatcher User’s Manual
    PDF, 1 Mb
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