Getting geophysical data across the Web
Vt Escape (standing for Earth Surface Conditions And Parameters) is an application that produces thematic geocoded maps from Earth observation and forecast data found on specialized sites of the Web or from internal collections.

Vt Escape finds geolocated data in a given time interval that overlap fully or partially the bounding box of a given AOI (Area Of Interest) that may be the whole world.

The spacemaps in output are produced according to standard geocoded formats like GeoTIFF or KML (Keyhole Markup Language). These formats may be immediately used as layers in most GIS (Geographical Information Systems) or virtual globes like Google Earth.

According to the required dataset, Vt Escape identifies the sites providing data in the field, transfers these data through HTTP or FTP protocols, decodes these transferred files and dresses a map according to the rendering parameters set by user.

The geocoded map is displayed by selecting it in the result table and then pressing display, which adds this map as a new layer on the chosen virtual globe ("Google Earth" or "NASA World Wind").

Fig. 1 - Wind fields produced by IFREMER and displayed on NASA World Wind

Fig. 2 - GlobCover (produced by ESA) stored in internal collection.
 Fig. 3 - ECMWF pressure displayed on Google Earth.
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