Serial profiles and wrapping surfaces
Vt Geomorpho is an application able to scan the terrain capturing altimetry values and displaying serial profiles. Altimetry values are extracted from the SRTM database or from other altimetry references.

Vt Geomorpho is also able to compute wrapping surfaces interpolating the local maxima or the local minima.

Each line drawn on the Earth surface defines a so-called “profile” (see Fig. 1). These profiles are located inside a “corridor” which width may be set by user. “Serial profiles” are defined by parallel lines inside the corridor. The number of profiles may be set by the user, these two options giving control of topographic scans density.

Furthermore, Vt Geomorpho enables users to create wrapping surfaces (see Fig. 2) from the profiles’ corridor, from a drawn or a hand-written bounding box. This surface interpolates all local extrema (either maxima or minima) according to an altimetry database (for example the SRTM VTCollection data.
Fig. 1 - Windows used for profile edition in VTGeomorpho
Fig. 2 - Windows used in the wrapping surfaces generation.
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