Predictor of satelitte acquisitions over a AOI
Vt AOICatcher is an application which enables the identification of past or future observations realized by various instruments within an area of interest.

After having defined the area of interest and the time interval for the requested acquisitions, various search filters (instruments, spatial resolution, overlay percentage) have to be set. Vt AOICatcher then computes the intersections between the acquisition swaths and the area of interest.

Results are given in two forms (see Fig.1) :

  • A list of "candidate acquisitions" in a textual list and possibly
  • A list of polygons displayed in rendering application (virtual globes such as Google Earth).

VTAOICatcher is useful to:

  • Very quickly select potential future missions / instruments that could observe a particular zone of the Earth within the next few hours or days,
  • Check the revisiting time of a particular mission / instrument over a given area of interest ( e.g: in order to prepare a multitemporal synthesis or mosaic),
  • Prepare the acquisition plan for recurrent observations
  • Identify pairs of sensors that could be complementary on a zone (e.g: for stereo or interferometry applications or coupling optical and radar observations),
  • Retrieve the precise acquisition date / time and observation conditions of a particular image for which ancillary data have been lost.


Fig.1 : Results of a search performed on Gabon boundaries.
  • VTAOICatcher Booklet
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  • VTAOICatcher User’s Manual
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