Altimetry computation for surface comparison
Vt Goce is an application which was developed for the European Space Agency (ESA). It is meant to enable the visualization of an accurate geoid.


Vt Goce is an application which enables the visualization of elevation grids such as geoids, DEMs, or bathymetries. Any class of raster data may be displayed as an altimetry value, as long as data organization is compliant with standard formats.

Vt Goce can also display gravity anomalies, geoid height errors, mean dynamic topographies...

Once imported, data can be used as they are, or new datasets can be created from those altimetry data. For example, the user can restrain the data’s extent or create a dataset in which the values would be the result of arithmetic computation of two or more datasets.

The variations of a dataset appear on Vt Goce either through the globe’s shape or/and by applying a texture created from the dataset itself with shadowing or hypsometric LUTs.

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